Harry Allen Generating Station

29 Sep 2015 8:00 AM | Anonymous

Association of Energy Engineers – 2015                  

Harry Allen Field Trip Summary

We welcome all energy professionals to the Nevada Chapter of the Association of Energy Engineers.  On September 29, 2015, we took an outstanding field trip with a hosted lunch, courtesy of the Management team at NV Energy.  The tour began with a visit to the West Sahara offices of NV Energy to view the Monitoring and Diagnostic center.  In this office, they perform real-time analysis of factors that can affect the reliable production of power.   Since you are reading this electronically, that power probably was monitored by this complex system that takes into account, on-site equipment sensor readings, developing weather conditions as well as demand from customers within the Las Vegas Valley.  For the group of power plants that are required to provide a sufficient amount of power in reliable conditions with many variables, this office is on the front lines to detect and correct problems before they occur.

We followed the office tour with a field trip that included the Harry Allen Power Plant, run by Nevada Energy in September - This site visit included extensive dialogue with office personnel that monitored the running statistics for the plant and sought to optimize operations by using predictive and preventative management techniques designed to employ loss avoidance and risk reduction methods of risk management.   The group was able to engage in a dialogue with site personnel on the best practices used, the quirks associated with operating a support type of power plant and lessons learned on operations for a gas fired power plant.   By using gas as the fuel source for this and other sister plants, the production of energy takes place using one of the cleanest fuel sources currently available.

The 25 or so field trip participants were able to ask virtually any questions and a lively exchange followed the walking tour of the plant.  Thanks again Nevada Energy!!!


Photos from top left, Harry Allen Power Plant main production plant, Overhead air cooling fans used to reduce temperature of the production cooling water.


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